Music Lessons

Offering lessons in Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Theory!

$30 for 1/2 Hour, $50 for a full hour!

Teaching for all ages! Lessons take place in our basement located behind the wave in whitefish


There are several teaching methods for music, such as the “CAGED” method vs “3 NOTE” method, “SUZIKI“ method etc. I have my own method of teaching which is adaptable to each student.

In general, there are several ways to understand music, and it is very much like a map of the world. There is the mercator map, the goode homolosine map, octant projection map, etc. Every map style has its own distortions and none of them can accurately portray the 3D world on a 2D surface. The same goes for music. There is no one single way to understand it, and the more maps you are able to read, the better idea you have of it as a whole. It can seem as complicated as you want to make it, using as big of words as you want to use, but in the end, its all just music, and it should be fun. It’s called “playing“ music for a reason.

I wrote my own book on music theory, breaking it down to the bare bones and making it simple to understand. this book is given to you for free on the first lesson. or you can find it here:

Please contact me (via text) at 949-246-9214

or via email at

I am largely a guitarist looking to teach guitar, but here are some videos of Drew (10 year old) who i taught drums to for 4 months in Vail Colorado.

The following videos are of me playing music. They are extremely sloppy and not a good representation of what i can do. I often video myself playing music as a means of writing something new, and find it boring to cover music. That is the purpose of these videos, it is to record the timing and feel of an idea so i can reproduce it later. It is NOT to showcase what i can do. I have written and recorded over 5 albums of music. I do not spend my time perfecting my acoustic rendition of Happy Birthday. I am a writer with a deep appreciation of music. This takes a lot of time and money regardless of my full time job. So please, don’t criticize, please schedule an appointment for music lessons and meet me in person. Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon!

(this was my 30th recording of stickshifts and safety belts, so it is a terrible recording of me doing it. it doesnt have the right feel to it or anything, but i had to redo it because people on the internet are terrible and criticize the smallest mistakes. so this recording no longer has the heart and feel in it because of a little hum coming from one of the strings on the previous recordings. i will record a new version of it at some point, when i have the time.)